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Company History

Remboldt Lawn Services first opened its doors in 2010 when Andrew Remboldt decided, instead of going to college like the rest of his classmates, he wanted to start and grow a business. Prior to this, Andrew went to school full time at Stevens High School and worked mowing lawns on nights and weekends. He saw great potential for the business and decided to start his journey. He dedicates his startup to his original customers, some that started with him when he was in middle school and some whom we still service today!

In 2013 Andrew married his highschool sweetheart and, while working on his company, took a full time job with Zandstra Construction to help fund the growth of his business. Over the next 15 months he worked long hours each week, 70-80 hours on the construction site and 30+ hours working early mornings, late nights and weekends to keep his business running. In 2015 he and his wife, Molly, welcomed their first child and he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep up with this schedule. So, he quit his full time job, risking security, and focused 100% of his time on growing his business to provide for his family. Three years later, in 2018, RLS had their first full time employee to help with the workload and were now able to expand the business from just lawn maintenance to full landscaping services. In 2019 Andrew hired and trained his first foreman and started to take on large landscaping projects such as full tear-out/install, retaining walls and more. He was now seeing the potential for growth and able to envision what he wanted his company to look like.

In 2020 covid hit and RLS was affected in a way that was never expected. The workload doubled in size and they could not keep up. Andrew had to hire a second foreman, multiple leaders and labor workers to create more crews in order to handle the project requests coming in. During this time RLS had growing pains as anyone would with quick growth, but made it through.

Andrew Remboldt went from owning one lawn mower and running a side hustle in 2011 to growing a thriving business. Today, he is still married and has two children in school all while managing his employees, ensuring quality control on the job and bidding for future projects. Currently on staff are two office admin, three landscaping crews and two maintenance crews. Andrew’s dream is to see Remboldt Lawn Services continue to grow while providing a safe, fun and hard working environment for our employees to come to work.